Comnet Power

 Comnet Power provides an integrated and remotely managed fully power solution combining the existing power sources like: Gel batteries, fuel generators and commercial power with new power source technologies like: Wind Turbine, Solar Panels, Fuel Cells, and more advanced technology which is the Fuel Enrichment system used to reduce the fuel consumption of generators.





Less Generators usage will lead to low fuel consumption and lower maintenance cost.

Site will be managed remotely. no need for dedicated site manpower.

Providing Fuel management to control fuel theft.

Remote management leads to increase site availability.

Redundant data storage, unit and PC based system.

In case of alarm, SMS is sent to inform the alarm status (only on GSM mode).

PMC EMS is a GUI software for System Remote Configuration & Monitoring. Access on PMC (Power Management Controller) unit could be achieved via:

  • TCP/IP Ethernet connection
  • GSM Data connection.